How to Interview Good

October 8, 2014

Boston will always have a special place in my heart. I went to school there, and in a lot of ways grew up there (in that way Millennials say they’re still “growing up” into their late 20’s).

So when I heard that Box organizes a Boston recruiting trip every fall, I was desperate to get involved. The only problem? The trip requires interviewing experience, and I had none.

So I started interviewing… a lot. I interviewed college students. I interviewed senior candidates. I interviewed everyone, and slowly began to recognize what made a good interview vs. a bad one. I even began to recognize all the things that I had been doing wrong as an interviewee. What the hell?!? I was actually learning something, when all I originally wanted was a free flight to Boston.

This is a talk about technical interviewing, and everything I know about doing it well. The talk is geared towards college students, but almost all of it will be relevant to anyone interested in the process. It includes the expected tips and tricks, but with a main focus on what happens before and after the interview… and how it matters much, much more than you think.



Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a video of the talk (I really wish I had, because the Q&A afterwards was awesome). But, if you are a college student or professor and want me to come give this talk to your class, reach out. Seriously, I’d love to visit your school and give it. No catch.