What I Love about Computer Science Students

April 24, 2013

I don’t really know if this means anything, but it’s an interesting observation nonetheless:

I’m sitting here in my Networking lecture and decided to look around the class. Peeking at other laptops is always fun because the people using them are almost never paying attention to the professor. So if this were a normal class, most people’s open laptops would be on Facebook, BuzzFeed, Reddit or any other entertaining yet mindless site. But In this class I can see 6 different laptop screens, and 5 of them are filled with code being written. One student is working on some website’s front-end, one is hacking away on at the terminal, and another is checking out what looks like the Twitter API documentation. Instead of daydreaming or goofing off, these guys are working on side projects, building cool stuff and growing their skill-sets.

Maybe it’s because we have easy access to our work, or maybe there’s just something inspirational about a learning how routers and switches work (I doubt it). Whatever the reason, I love how much Computer Science students enjoy their work.